Immediate Annuity Commission

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Standard commission: 

  • Almost all Lifetime and period certain SPIA's pay a one time upfront commission
  • Most SPIA's pay a reasonable 3.00% agent level commission
  • The commissions are built into the illustration pricing of a SPIA
  • Most carriers require or allow direct deposit of the commission
  • Large premium case bonuses are available from FSD
  • Standard commission can range from 0.50% to 5.00% based on carrier

Reduced commission:

  • Short term period certain often have a reduced commission (under 10 years for example)
  • Some carriers reduce commission based on age of client. 
  • Some carriers will reduce commission on premiums over a certain amount. 
  • In the few states charging a premium tax, commission may excluded premium tax portion. 
  • On qualified funds a carrier may allow the agent to dial in commission from 0.00% to 5.00%

Non-Commission SPIA or NO LOAD:

  • No Load SPIA's do not always provide the highest income but often they do! 
  • Available for Immediate Income, Deferred (DIA) and QLAC 
  • Fee Based Advisors can use a NO LOAD SPIA in their practice
  • Use to fund life insurance and maximize death benefit

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