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Fixed Annuities & Life

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Income & Accumulation Strategies

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Deferred, Immediate & Indexed Annuities FOR LIFE AGENTS

(MYGA) Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities


Basic Features Of MYG Deferred Annuities:

  • Guarantees Gains Every Year
  • Annuity interest earned is tax deferred until withdrawn, in most cases 
  • Initial rate guarantee period 3 to 10 years
  • No less than the contractual minimum interest rate after initial guarantee
  • Know exactly how much will be earned from day one, no assumptions, just guarantees
  • Surrender penalty may apply if a contract is surrendered early or withdrawals exceed the contractual free amount
  • Interest rate is net of all internal fees no added upfront or annual fees
  • Lifetime income via annuitization available with no fees

(SPIA) Single Premium Immediate Annuities


The Insurance Product Built To Guarantee Lifetime Income NOW!

  • Single or Joint Lifetime Income
  • Beneficiary Guarantees With Installment or Cash Refunds
  • Fixed Period Term Certain Only (5-30 Years)
  • Non Qualified | Qualified | QLAC | Roth Funds Accepted
  • Liquidity and Commutations Features
  • Cost Of Living Adjustments For Inflation (1% - 10%)
  • Rated Age Medially Underwritten  
  • Deferred Start (DIA) (QLAC)
  • A portion of payments may be tax excluded
  • No charge direct deposit of annuity payments

(FIA) Fixed Indexed Annuities


The potential to earn higher rates than other fixed annuities currently guarantee! 

  • Unique Un-Capped Crediting Methods
  • Lifetime Income Rider Options
  • Liquidity Options
  • Simple To Understand Pt. 2 Pt. Crediting Index Crediting Methods
  • Annually Reset & Lock-In Interest Gains
  • No Annual/Upfront Fees
  • Indexed Linked Returns
  • Minimum Guaranteed Interest Rate
  • Free Withdrawal Provisions
  • Waivers
  • Alternative To Fixed Rates
  • Available From Many Insurers
  • Historical & Hypothetical Illustrations

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