Medically Underwritten Immediate Annuity


Age rated single premium immediate annuities are medically underwritten and can increase client income payouts! A retirement planning advantage. Did you realize that poor health could actually be a benefit when purchasing an immediate annuity?

Designed for people:

  • Who are concerned about outliving their assets
  • Who need guaranteed income they can’t outlive
  • Who are less healthy and could benefit from a larger monthly income payment than they would likely receive from a traditional non-medically underwritten immediate annuity
  • Who may need care and whose age and/or health preclude them from long term care insurance coverage options

Not designed for people:

  • Who are in good health and have other lifetime income options that may provide a better income alternative
  • Who do not need a guaranteed lifetime stream of income
  • Who do not want to risk losing their remaining premium if they die before payouts exceed the initial premium

Pricing - Conditions which may merit review include:

  • Heart disease | Diabetes | Cancer | Chronic Lung Disease | Stroke Chronic | 
    Conditions affecting the kidney, pancreas, or liver functions | Multiple Sclerosis
    Muscular Dystrophy | Paraplegia or Quadriplegia | Parkinson's Disease | ALS | Alzheimer's 

Forms of medical information:

  • Hospital discharge summaries for last 5 years | Medical report from time of diagnosis | Most recent medical report | Attending physicians statement (APS) - We will need by fax, email or mail the history of illness, including date of diagnosis, any changes in condition, other significant health conditions and pertinent past histories.

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