Signed in as:

LIQUID FPDA - This is a true no surrender annuity.


Liquid and Flexible

Current Interest Rate: 

  • 1.65%

Rate Guaranteed Period: 

  • 1 Year

Minimum Guarantee Rate: 

  • Determined Annually

Surrender Charges: 

  • NONE - 0% - NO MVA 

Minimum Deposit: 

  • $10,000 minimum - Add $1,000 or more anytime

Issue Age: 

  • 0-100 (85 in OK)

States NOT approved in:  

  • MT, NY 

Free Withdrawal: 

  • 100% Liquid - withdraw partial or full funds at anytime
    Must maintain at least a $10,000 balance to keep policy in-force. 

Death Benefits:

  • Full Death Benefit


  • Possible substitute for a short term SPIA - Allows clients to show short term steady annuity income through systematic withdrawals of principal and interest.
  • Great for old 401K and qualified fund rollovers.
  • Avoid new charges in 30 day window MYGA's.
  • May avoid probate.
  • Savings account look alike with wide flexibility.
  • Tax deferral
  • May be transferred into any of the carriers other MYGA products with full commission.


  • 1/12th of Annual Commission paid monthly on Account Value.  
    Annual Commission = 0.50% (0-80)  | 0.40% (81-100)
    Pays accumulation value trail commission for as long as policy is in force.   

Company Ratings: 

  • B++ by A.M. Best (Upgraded 3 times since 2012)


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