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Why we represent LBL:

We at FSD are extremely happy with the results of our marketing Liberty Bankers Life (LBL). In 2007 we started with LBL's SPIA product and quickly realized they had extremely strong MYGA rates. Liberty was a "B-" rated carrier at the time so it was rare that an IMO like FSD would market them. After getting to know the carrier, the people and the business model they planned to follow, we became comfortable with Liberty Life and began talking about the products. Fast forward to today. Liberty Bankers has been upgraded to B++. They have a 14% surplus and consistently outstanding service and interest rates.   

One of the easiest sale to make is an internal rollover. Liberty Bankers policies to NOT automatically renew surrender charges and if clients want to re-up for a new term they get the higher new money rates. The clients get a higher rate, the agent gets a new full commission and the carrier has the premium under surrender again. A true Win Win Win!  

 Liberty Bankers Agent Appointment 

Fixed Annuity Products Offered BY LBL:

Liquid - No Surrender Annuity

  • Bankers Accumulator (suspended sales on 11/01/2019)

Multi Year Guarantee (MYG)

  • Bankers Elite 3 
  • Bankers Elite 5
  • Bankers Elite 7
  • Bankers Elite 9
  • Bankers 3 
  • Bankers 5
  • Bankers 5 Premier
  • Bankers 5 Premier Plus
  • Bankers 7
  • Bankers 7 Premier

Flexible Premium Deferred (FPDA)

  • Liberty Choice
  • Liberty Select
  • Bankers Accumulator 

Immediate Annuities

  • Single Lifetime
  • Joint Lifetime
  • Period Certain Only

Single Premium Whole Life

  • SPWL
  • Preferred Ratings
  • Standard Ratings

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