This is 3 year guaranteed interest rate annuity.


Basic Details & Features

Features of this walk away at end of term MYGA:

  • Interest Rate: 2.95% For 3 Years
  • Guaranteed Period: Guaranteed For 3 Years
  • Surrender Charges: 3 Years:
    7.9% Year 1
    7.0% Year 2
    6.2% Year 3
    0.0% Thereafter
    +/- MVA 1st 3 Years | (No MVA in PA & MO)
  • Minimum Deposit: $10,000
  • Issue Age: 0-90 (75 in CA and FL)
  • States NOT approved in: DE, MN, NH, NY
  • Free Withdrawal: None during surrender charge period; thereafter, 100% liquid
  • Death Benefits: Surrender Value. Surviving spouses may elect to continue the policy as their own and avoid surrender charges. Non-spousal beneficiaries may reduce or avoid charges by deferring payment or taking a periodic income.
    CA Only Death Benefit: equals Accumulation Value for policies issued ages 65 and above.
    FL Only Death Benefit: equals Accumulation Value for policies issued at all ages.
  • Commission: 2.00% All Ages
  • Carrier Ratings: B++ by A.M. Best (3 ratings upgrades since 2012!)
  • Waivers: None

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